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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  July 3, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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well, we are just a day away from the big capitol 4th concert and fireworks down on the national mall. if you don't want the deal with the crowds go down today. >> new rules for the nations air traffic controllers how the faa is trying to keep them awake at work after several scary incidents including one here at regan national. early morning thunderstorms may have woken you up well before your alarm clock the nasty weather has moved out but we are not totally in the
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clear. good morning den. >> good morning storms started grumbling early in the morning hours. we are not in the clear. let's begin with a look at radar and show you with a is going on now. you can see our fox 5 live doppler radar, you can see where the rain has pushed its way to the south. lower southern maryland dealing with some of it a lot of areas east to the ocean. things are unsettled we have a frontal system we are dealing with. to our maps now, where you see temperatures right now, we are into the 70s everywhere across the area. low 70s. but we will heat up into the course of the afternoon hours. and by the time the day is over, you will end up seeing once again stormy conditiona hot day. we are heading to 90 degrees, expect to see more storms by this afternoon details a little later and a look at that
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holiday forecast. >> more than a million people are expected to visit the national mall many for tomorrow's capitol 4th concert at the national mall. you can go down and catch the rehearsal today. get your pen ready. 10:00 a.m., mathew morrison and kelly o'hare will practice, 11:15 a.m., josh grow bin. >> steve martin. broadway cast of million dollar quartet and 5:10 p.m., jordan sparks then a full concert dress rehearsal, 8 to 10:30 p.m. tonight, west lawn of the capitol. >> going down to the national lawn tomorrow national parks service is urging you to take met owe trains will run 7:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. smithsonian station will be closed moat of the day.
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but you can use it to go home for more where to find entry points go to click on our home page under hot topics. >> capitol 4th are not the only attraction at the mall the folk life festival is up and running. a closer look what make this is free festival so popular. thousands of people descended on the national mall, sicilian folk life festival it is held two weeks every summer overlapping with the 4th of july holiday. >> one program features cultural traditions of columbia, looking at communities throughout columbia in the way they work with nature to express their culture another program we are presenting is rhythm and blues and then the third presents the peace corps for its 50th
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anniversary. >> it has something for everyone whether it is food, wo demonstrations, live music. ♪ [ music ] sure there is plenty of locals in the crowd but this is known for attracting visitors from all over the world. >> where are you from? >> new york. >> colombia. >> india. >> chattanooga tennessee. >> the draw? the cultural experience. >> very hands on they have musical instruments you can play and touch and so many different crafts. there is a lot of booths here pretty awesome. >> i love how interactive it is we were just over at that music station they let us play the drums and cy phone. >> if you are feeling any sense of regret for not attending this year the folk life festival runs through july 4th and next weekend in washington paula fell, fox 5 news. this holiday weekend texas
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authorities are issuing a travel warning for u.s. citizens urging americans to avoid travelling to a mexican border town because a mexican drug cartel plans to target americans, robberies extortions and carjackings. >> new rules in place to try to keep air traffic controllers awake and alert on the job after a napping air traffic controller left two planes trying to land at regan national scrambling for guidance. >> reporter: these new rules are a joint agreement between the faa and national air traffic controllers association. they can use sick time or vacation time if they are too sleepy to come to work. working the overnight shift and air traffic is light they with use the radio and read to keep them stay away. although these new policies
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have been issue for the last couple years they are front and center this year. since april there have been 7 instances of controllers sleeping on the job in one case two planes landed here at regan national without help from an air traffic controller who dozed off. >> faa has since mandated they get 9 hours off between shift and try to prevent sleepy workers, ray la hood said quote the american public must have confidence our nations air traffic controllers are rested and ready to work we have the safest air transportation system in the work we needed to make changes and we are doing that. faa and air traffic controllers association agree to continue the policy not allowing controllers to take naps they must be available for recall at all time in
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washington fox news. a small plane got a fighter jet escort after it came too close to camp david in maryland yesterday. authorities tried to contact the plane by phone when it didn't respond it was intercepted and escorted. the pilot was interviewed by secret service and it was all an accident. time for a look at today's other stop stories three people are dead after a car hit a speed bump too fast the car rocketed flipped over and slammed into two tree it is driver and two men were ejected all three died a third passenger wasn't thrown and survived she is in serious condition the names of the victims have not been released. >> one person was killed in a house fire in edgewater maryland one woman in her 50s was found dead inside another woman in her 80s was flown to hospital it took 60
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firefighters to beat back the flames and smoke a husband and wife lived there with their elderly mutterer cause of the fire is under investigation. friends and family will gather for the funeral for the man killed near the caribbean festival last weekend. a local turf war lead to gunfire four people were shot robert foster junior died from injuries he was an indent victim -- ins sent victim caught if the middle of a gang battle. hundreds of people gathered in a local park to commemorate the lives of four members of the roe family who died in a crash last weekend. we explain what happened at the extraordinary and quiet ceremony. >> reporter: hundreds from frederick county virginia gathered at clear brook park most with balloons. they came to remember the four
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lives lost on june 26th when an allegedly drunk driver smashed into the rear of the roe family's stopped car sparking an inferno that killed mark, amanda and 11-year-old caleb and tyler who would have been celebrating his 5th birthday on this day. there were no speeches at this memorial just quiet condolences, for surviving family members, messages of sympathy were written in old fashioned composition notebooks and quiet remembrances occurred among acquaintances. troop leaders for former girl scout amanda roe. >> she was one of the quiet ones it is fitting isn't it all these voices are being raised for her. wonderful wonderful person. >> oh, yes always had a smile. >> yes. >> and curly red hair.
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>> yep. ♪ happy birthday dear tyler >> the crowd spontaneously began singing happen by birthday to tyler roe and hundreds and hundreds of balloons were released into the air. >> kids and adults marveled at the sight of the huge flock of climbing balloons. many were nearly incoherent with grief. patty and ken turner [ sobbing ] >> it's all we get. >> it's balloons. >> that's about it. it hurts. >> reporter: as the balloons
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raced aloft the crowd quietly dispursed with parents holding tight to the hands of their children who will still get to celebrate future birthdays. in frederick county virginia, fox 5 news. the driver to have other car, 20-year-old steven boy is charged with dui anding ary vatted involuntary manslaughter funeral for the four family members will take place thursday afternoon. another republican throwing his hat in the ring who when we come back jessica. the prosecution and defense preparing closing arguments today in the casey anthony trial while the jury gets ready to deliberate outside the courthouse in orlando, that story next. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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a man can only try... and try...and try. i heard eating whole grain oats can help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough. my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. four member offs the prince georges county council are calling for the resignation of
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leslie johnson last week she pleaded guilty to conspiracy to witness tampering when her husband called on her she followed his instructions to flush a $100,000 developer check down the toilet and hit $171,000 in cash in her under garment. they have also called for johnson to leave under maryland law she will be required to step down when she is sentenced in october but not before then. another republican throwing his hat into the presidential ring michigan congressman made the announcement yesterday at a festival outside detroit. he is a long shot but he says he has an edge the others don't. >> i think it is about the message and experience here in michigan what we have gone through what we continue to face and hope to spare the rest of the country getting it right soon. >> he was just elected to his
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fifth consecutive term in congress in november. new this morning crews in billings montana are trying to minimize effects of an oil spill in yellowstone river an exxon mobile pipeline that runs under the river ruptured yesterday. the pipeline has been shut down and clean up crews have deployed boomabsorbent material. down to the wire for casey anthony closing arguments set to begin in less than an hour yes, today with the jury expected to get the case soon after. jessica stone has the latest. >> reporter: the murder trial of 25-year-old casey anthony now coming down the home stretch prosecutors and defense getting ready to give their closing arguments as the jury prepares to deliberate. more than 30 days of testimony and 400 pieces of evidence. attorneys from both sides attempting to prove how 2-year- old caylee anthony died.
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prosecutors argue she was suffocated with duct tape who created lies to mislead police and her own parents. she claims the child accidentally drown in the family swimming pool. >> the jury was waiting for accidental drowning and abuse to explain why casey didn't call the police after her daughter drowned allegedly. >> in the end both cases depend on circumstantial evidence a medical examiner never determined exactly how caylee died when her remains were discovered near the family home, casey anthony's dna was nowhere to be found but defense did not provide proof how the girl died either/or casey's father george molested her the jury left to connect the dots because casey anthony did not take the stand. >> your weres also want the hear from -- jurors always want the hear from the defendant. in this case there are so many
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unanswered questions only she could have talked about, they are really going to have question marks left in their minds when all is said and done. judge perry already gave both legal teams this set of instructions what they can and can't say in closing arguments the jury is set to deliberate some time this afternoon jessica stone, fox news. also on the agenda, an end of an era for nasa and will and kate make their first trip across the pond as a married couple. happy birthday america, monday is independence day celebrations, fireworks planned for communities large and small but with the recent rash of wild fires across the dry south and west many cities are banning fireworks be patriotic and be safe. >> harry reed canceling the july 4th recess to lawmakers
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can focus on stalled plans forcing senators to go to work. they will discuss the economy and jobs on monday on twitter. dalai lama will visit washington dc for the largest gathering for world peace in history. >> sheila bear comes to the end of her 5 year team as fdic. nasa atlanta will make its final launch friday. >> finally the duke and duchess of cambridge, william and katherine will arrive in california friday it is part of a longer trip beginning in canada and the first official over sees trip they have made as husband and wife.
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well, already a big box office hit now talking possible record breaking movie, kevin mccarthy talks to one of the new stars of transformers dark of the moon. that interview when we come back 
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the latest transformers sequel could set records at the box office this holiday weekend. transformers dark of the moon has taken in $97.5 million since release and it is believed it could top the holiday weekend record held by spiderman 2 and twilight saga eclipse. casting changes for this film megan fox is out and rosie huntington whitney is in a model and movie new comer she sat with kevin mccarthy to talk about how she found her place in the ensemble cast. >> i love the beginning with shia is looking for a job you are telling him he needs to pay his dues. >> yes.
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>> do you think the modeling aspect of you, is that you paying your dues. >> yes, really interesting way of looking at it actually. great question. you know, i feel really lucky for landing this role but i also feel really lucky that i had a professional career for 8 years and i have worked really really hard throughout my modeling career and a lot of time without reward there were really tough times for me and i do feel like that was a way of paying my dues there is a lot of actors that go yearyears and years before they land a movie. my way of looking at it i suppose although, during the movie like this you still work hard. >> i know i am not saying -- >> no, i know. >> i don't want to get to that scene but you have a very specific scene with a transformer. >> good idea. >> michael obviously, the transformer is not there so you have to talk to what?
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what are you talking to, how does he direct you to make that believable? it comes across very well. >> thank you great complement. um, you know i have been an audience member for the last two movies and enjoyed the films and never even considered how you know how do they put those humans with the robots and interact. so i arrived onset on my first few days there was all these sweeper poles connected together to the height of the decepticon or auto bott. it is so advanced in the technical kind of things to act to nothing and act to a sweeper pole was challenging, funny, embarrassing but you know we survived and it was also interesting to me as a new actress to challenge myself and my imagination and also talking
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to the other cast members, they also find it difficult you know, so i just kind of watched and learned from them really. >> how much pressure did you feel coming into a franchise? this is a huge franchise. made over a billion dollars the first two movies you are taking over a role we have known for the past two movies how much pressure did you feel? >> i was really nervous and excited and i knew when i accepted the offer i had -- you know it was going to be the challenge of my life and going to be the hardest i have ever worked and there was a lot of pressure you are coming in on a franchise that has enormous fanned base and fans expect a lot from you my only -- the thing that got me through it was i was able to come in and work on a new characters bring her to life and it was so last minute me starting on this movie she really came alive onset and michael wanted to keep my british accent and work
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around my strengths it was a lot of fun that part and i feel blessed i know it would have been a lot different had i been reprising the michaela role. >> you do a great job. >> thank you. >> you are unbelievable. >> i have not seen it in 3d. >> you got to see it in 3d. >> okay. >> on friday former i mf,dom make straws con's house arrest was lifted. find out what we can expect today weather wise today. this sunday edition of fox morning news will be right back 
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well, congress will cut their holiday vacation short to work on the debt keeling the president laid out his planned
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-- ceiling and the president laid out his planned control. so president obama called out congress last week for not getting this deal done on the debt ceiling, and the senator in texas delivered this policerring response on the -- blisserring response on the floor. >> reporter: we will ask him when he joins us today whether they are making progress and whether cutting that senate recess short is really going to deliver any results because it is clear, at least in the public arena they are still far apart both sides calling each other out and we will see if they can get any done at the table. >> you will speak with senator lieberman and lyndsey graham about afghanistan. >> reporter: it is the president's decision he is commander and chief some of his generaltop military folks said it wasn't really among the options they presented to him he went with a more aggressive plan we have seen a lot of
8:32 am
violence attack at the intercontinental hotel and a roadside bomb that killed 13 additional people we will talk about whether afghanistan is ready for a draw down. >> right and then so what if there really isn't any going back now. >> reporter: yeah, sounds like it nothing is set in stone obviously, things changed markettedly he is the commander and chief he could change chorus and change plans we see in iraq for example, in the midst of a draw down there have been hints we might want to ask baghdad to say hey, let us leave a few more troops we thing it is in your best interest that is iraq's call and afghanistan we are setting the time table the president could change course. >> finally before we go, 4th of july upon us you will feature an actor, a regular here for capitol 4th celebrations this year he is premiering a documentary. >> reporter: lieutenant dan
8:33 am
band the documentary producers wanted to follow him around the world. iraq, kuwait, afghanistan we talk to him about that the documentary has a benefit side if you pay the ticket price it will benefit troops, he is all about that and we talk to him about that, going forward to help our troops. >> thanks so much we look forward to the show. >> two local amusement parks are paying tribute to military families, they are offering free admission to active duty and retired military personnel today and tomorrow family members get discounted tickets, check out their website for more information. now we are going to check to see with the stormy beginning to the sunday morning gwen what can we expect the rest to have day? >> we still have storms kicking back in a lull, a bit of a
8:34 am
break let's begin with a look at true view, you can see the swath of rain up and down the eastern sea board, north of new york into new england stretching all the way down a lot of that is moved well to the east of us and south and you can see the lightning strikes still in it as well along the coastal area. let's look at radar closer fox 5 live doppler radar. what you are seeing, at least getting a little bit of break as we move closer to dc region. things have improved a lot there. what we are talking about basically into the course of the afternoon, seeing a break and back to the storms once again. let's go to our map. temperature 70 degrees humidity 71% we also have a code orange air quality alert for you. but we are seeing, mostly cloudy skies, expect to see scattered showers and storms later today, if you are heading out keep your eyes to the skies, a warm day 92 degrees back to you. thanks gwen.
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former international monetary chief enjoyed his first taste of freedom he left his new york town home with his wife yesterday, gone for 3 hours they dined on a $700 four course meal in an italian eatsry, friday his house arrest was lifted. prosecutors since discovered serious problem s with the maid's credibility. mariah shriver -- maria shriver filed for divorce. back in may the former california governor admitted he fathered a child with a member of his household staff years ago. now happier news a little more than two months after prince william and kate tied the knot another royal wedding prince albert of monaco married charlene whitstock she is a
8:36 am
former olympic swimmer. even this wedding doesn't come without scandal. rumors were confirmed he will under go paternity tests following claims he fathered a third child out of wed lock. >> someone in our area could live like royalty thanks to mega millions lottery more on the big jackpot when we come back. we are back in action. >> finally. >> since we have been away now dealing with two lock outs. >> what is going on in the world of nba and nfl. >> plus, find out when off the wall rolls on. >> get ready to plank baby 
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welcome back. 8:39 a.m., you might not know it this is actually a live look at the toll plaza near the bay bridge this sunday morning
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usually it is jammed up with traffic it is a good time to get on the roads. roads are clear, absolutely. officials say the best times to travel over the bridge to the beach today are before 11:00 a.m. and after 10:00 p.m. if you haven't noticed gas prices are going down dropped 26¢ on average nationwide in the last month according to triple-a pay 3 .8 $6 for regular unleaded in dc, 3.5 5 maryland and 3.42 virginia. >> you might never need to worry about gas prices again if you bought a mega millions ticket last week one purchased at giant in virginia is worth $105 million. friday's winning numbers were 12-17-30-35-47-and mega ball number 26. parts of the country seeing wild weather this holiday weekend we will tell you where they are dealing with record heat and show you where they are still snow skiing and snow boarding. plus, gwen is back with a look
8:41 am
at our 4th of july weather. >> yes, as far as today is concerned the day before the big celebration, hot and humid conditions out there today storms in our forecast. let's lookout side where we have the national monument for you and the folk life fest very well kicking off on -- festival kicking off on the mall keep your eye to the sky as your forecast is just ahead [ mr. connally ] i was paying too much with cable.
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[ male announcer ] fios. a network ahead.
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good news out of new mexico firefighters are getting a handle on the state's largest wild fire ever. confidence is growing it no longer poses a threat to the nations premier nuclear weapons territory officials are planning return of thousands of evacuated employees and residents from nearby communities authorities have not said when they will lift the order which began monday. in phoenix they are dealing with record setting heat they set a high of 118 degrees
8:45 am
yesterday topping the 10-year- old record of 116 for the date. meteorologists say clouds from monsoon activity kept it from topping out at 120 degrees however the tomorrow knocked out power to 4,000 homes so no air conditioning. this probably looks nice to folks in phoenix. from california to washington state, ski resorts are open this weekend. this is what it looks like at crystal mountain washington resorts are open late because they are still packed with snow thanks to an unusual combination of late season storms and right pressure system ushering in warm air from the east. >> we have been joking about the never ending winter almost feels like it, july 2nd we are still skiing for another weekend maybe two more. >> back up on monday for 4th of july i am so excited great. get tanned to all the snow is awesome. >> crystal mountain seeing its best year since 1999 with 600 inches of snow. >> an interesting combination isn't it.
8:46 am
>> a little too incon grew wows for me. >> yes. >> i know people love it >> they do and you know it is always great to celebrate so it is a holiday. >> we could have used cooling off yesterday i was doing yard work my gosh it is hot out here >> i just came back from celebrating canada day in montreal saturday it was hot and sticky there as well. let's take a look where we are headed today, a beautiful shot outside, skies just getting a little bit of breaks, some sun out there but things will change i don't know about you, mel and i were talking about the fact that storms rumbled through early this morning and woke us up. now we are getting a little lull, people downtown, just enjoying that but it will be short lived we have more storms coming in this afternoon i am calling it a stormy sunday that is what i want you to be very very aware of keep your eyes to
8:47 am
the skies, into the course of the day. code orange air quality as well. hot, sticky, humid outside, uncomfortable, talking about the humid holiday weekend continuing tomorrow as well. and the 4th of july just a little unsettled, we will talk about what you can expect, during the course of the weekend. yesterday's high, some 7 to 8 degrees warmer than we should have been. 95 degrees, national airports, 93 dulles and 93 degrees baltimore so pretty warm day right now starting off fairly warm, 74 degrees national, 72 degrees baltimore, gaithersburg martins burg, 71 boston new york 70 degrees and to the south, 76 already at raleigh. >> let's begin with true view, look at this rainfall this moved its way through the area
8:48 am
as we headed into this mornings and behind it we are getting a little bit of a break as we take a look now at radar and give our fox 5 live doppler radar not a whole lot happening here because most of this already moved its way to the south or east of us over the ocean a lot of lightning strikes you did hear the thunder roaring through lightning was there and some areas pockets of heavy downpourrain as well that will be the course into the afternoon hours that we will have to deal with. let's go back to our weather map then. a frontal system will plow its way through. along the boundary of it ahead of it storms will pop up again this afternoon then see this move to the north as a warm front into the early course of the week. tomorrow it will stall out to the south of us and that will set up areas across lower southern maryland and central virginia for storms for your holiday stormy and hot today, pretty much everywhere see things start to fire up into the later part of the afternoon
8:49 am
hours, midday may see a little bit i am thinking more towards the 3 to 4:00 p.m. hour before we see storms just keep your eyes to the skies and be aware of that. code orange air quality, scattered storms, 92 degrees for a high, hot and humid then tonight scattered storms 74 for your overnight low a look at that july 4th holiday, forecast, chance of storms, mainly we are talking to the south, a lower southern maryland parts of central virginia, i can't rule it out. so hot 90 degrees for your holiday >> we know everybody can keep checking in. >> definitely. >> all right thanks so much gwen. >> sports headlines, the capitols have made a splash during nfls free agency period so far they have dealt future draft pick signed roman hammer lick, joe ward and chris, and yesterday yet another big name
8:50 am
34-year-old goalie just completed his 13th nhl season past four with the panthers recorded at least 20 wins over each of the last 8 years he gives experience and goalie to complement the young guns. pirates doubleheader, with nats. in to pitch hit. and he sends this one out in a hurry, a solo home run his second of the year game tied 2- 2. >> but in the top of the 8th former pirates, nats pitcher burnett could not keep it tied. back to back homers, including this one. game two, bottom of the 8th tied at 3. budge rodriguez, and the veteran comes through with the base knock to right field. will try to score the throw home, cannot hold on, safe, nats rally for 2 runs in the
8:51 am
8th and take the night cap for 3. time to go off the wall. welcome once again, to off the wall you are back off your one year vacation. my goodness you have been gone a long time. >> can't get a replacement for you. >> let me say this, since you have been gone nfl lock out continued, rolling on now another lock out, nba they are locked out i asked you sir, what is the bigger concern which league can survive. >> clearly nfl will be okay that is a brand into itself. >> kind of like me on this show. nba is a whole different ball game no body is going to miss it until january, february
8:52 am
march, and they are at their height with the whole lebron, hating lebron. >> great regular season, great playoff >> everything is great right now they are back where they were around the time jordan was in his prime. they have to figure this out for the teams to be complaining about losing money that is ridiculous i got this little lift for you here. >> losing money. >> you are paying michael. >> $18 million. >> michael. >> $17 million, yao ming $17 million if you are losing money stop giving it to these guys who can't play. >> these were old contracts. >> 5 or 6 years ago. >> dump them. >> stop paying these. >> that is why they are contracts. >> stop paying these guys who can't play ball. >> even though your notes are ridiculous aagree with you on the greater premise nba cannot afford to have a prolonged lock out nfl can they are still
8:53 am
king. >> yes. >> and you and i will talk about football in one month. >> while i was on vacation i see you got some sense. >> really. >> before we go do you work out? >> of course do you even have to ask that question. >> do you plank my friend. >> you are getting too personal i don't know -- >> apparently planking is all the rage. >> okay. >> what is he doing? >> in idea. >> planking at a toll booth,.com howard i don't understand this craze they have a lot of free time on their hands and i think they should be working on jump shots instead of planking. >> do you like it? >> it is okay it is humorous. >> it is creative. >> i guess it is okay if you got nothing else to do. hope you are going to plank at the bank. >> double dog dare you to plank on that chair right now. >> martin plank away baby. >> there is no way this is
8:54 am
going to end well for wisdom. >> i will do it off camera. >> wisdom will practice his plank for off the wall. just laying down. >> we will have to find out if he did it. >> what does it take to win an eating competition? find out stay with us this sunday edition of fox 5 morning news will be right back 
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8:57 am
well, she held her own against the guys for years but tomorrow sonia the black widow thomas will go against eight other women. for the first time in 100 years, they will have a women's eating contest. >> back in 2009 she stuffed 41 hot dogs into her 105-pound frame in just 10 minutes. nathan's may have a world famous hot dog eating contest for the third year in a row a dc restaurant is step into the competitive eating ring how many burgers could you down in 10 minutes for a $5,500 prize. toe toe journalist bj ford shows what some people will do for money. >> without further adoe time to
8:58 am
meet our competitors. >> mouth of the south. >> you are going down baby. usa usa. >> people are big eaters they come all over the world to participate. >> steve. >> this is all about fun. >> ready, get set, go. >> go. >> you just hope you get some body who is serious, unbeetable you just got to find some body who can do it. >> my strategy is thinking about the american soldiers that is why we are celebrating july 4th, revolution, modern g veterans and those veterans who lost their lives that is what will drive me today. >> want to chew as little as possible just bite and swallow. >> different techniques they lose some times dunk them in the water. >> the only strategy that works
8:59 am
for me go as fast as i can and hope i can hang on. >> champion ladies and gentlemen furious -- [ applause ] >> winning the d burger contest 4th time is awesome. i am exhausted from eating burgers now i think i need a weekend break. >> so your country men. >> my canadian country men. >> you should be so proud. >> supporting the troops. >> we are told all the way from ontario canada, he came to compete, 17.5 burkers. >> good for him. >> holiday weather 4th of july keep your eyes to the skies isolated storm mainly, south of us, across central virginia other than that, things should be hot and humid enjoy your holiday. >> thanks gwen. >> that does it for us


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